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Apartment for rent in Juodkrante "Pas Rasa" INFO No. 04490

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Apartment for rent in Juodkrante "Pas Rasa" Spacious balcony Entrance to the apartment with the possibility to park your vehicles Spacious living room/bedroom
The house with this flat is near the small park, where you can relax and your kids can play different games. You can have breakfast, lunch or supper with a glass of beer or wine in the spacious balcony. Entrance to the apartment with the possibility to park your vehicles: auto, bikes, etc. Spacious living room/bedroom with a comfortable easily transformed double bed
Spacious dining/living room Spacious dining/living room Kitchen is fully equipped A view to the kitchen from the side
Spacious dining/living room. Kitchen is fully equipped. A view to the kitchen from the side.
The second bedroom Interior details of the bedroom Private corner beside the bedroom WC and shower in the same room
The second bedroom. Interior details of the bedroom. Private corner beside the bedroom. WC and shower in the same room.

Spend your holidays or weekends in a lovely 2 rooms apartment in Juodkrante. The apartment is located on the second floor of a 12-apartment-building. Address: Kalno 1A-5, Juodkrante

Smoking is not allowed in the apartment, just in the balcony.

There is a babyís bed (0-5 years) and a chair (0-5 years).

Clean bedcloth and towels are included in the price.

The self-service with our equipped kitchen is welcome!

There is the post office, a bus stop, a small vegetables and fruit market and a little supermarket beside the house.

There are bars, restaurants in the nearest surroundings.

The rent of bicycles and other vehicles is possible beside the house in summer.

There is a parking place near the house for all possible vehicles.

There is a small park and a playgraound in front of the house.

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Rent prices of the apartment (per night):
(up to 4 persons)

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Booking: tel.     or e-mail    

For booking you need to transfer 30% of the entire amount prepaid to the apartment owner's bank account:    

Making the transfer, please provide your name, address, and apartment Info. No 04490

When you come, you have to pay the rest of the payment in advance in cash or you may do the bank transfer before coming.

If there are more people than it was arranged, the apartmentís owner has the right to charge an additional fee.

Your leisure time is from the ordered date 15.00 h until the last day 12.00 h

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